Welcome to my photo gallery!

As an autodidact in photography, I began my creative path in my youth, when I immediately invested my first self-earned money in a SLR camera. My great thirst for knowledge then led me to study digital media, which ultimately enabled me to supervise the post-production of national and international advertising films for many years.

Beyond conventional boundaries, I also went on a photographic journey with a 3D camera and captured impressions of people and nature in South America. I eventually founded a graphics agency in Hamburg specialising in 3D stereoscopy. My professional journey then continued with many years in international marketing for a large company in southern Germany and culminated not so long ago in the founding of the advertising and media agency www.2make.media

In this virtual space I present a few of my personal artistic works. Please feel free to accompany me on my journey of capturing impressions with my camera. I would be very pleased to receive a "hello" from you!

Yours sincerely.
Juergen Mack


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